Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thrifty Treasure Thursday

Hey ya'll! Hope your week is going well! I know it is a little late in the day but here is the third installment of Thrifty Treasure Thursday here at FMFPTY. Please fell free to link up if ya want to!
If you have been over to Susan's at Between Naps On The Porch then I am sure you have met Jean Claude! I have wanted a Jean Claude forever it seems like. At least 6 years or more. All the Jean Claude's that we ever found were always well over $100! Hence the reason why I never got one. This past week I did find Pierre on the Williams Sonoma site but geez he is $80 and well just not quite whimsy enough for me. He seems like a stuffy pig chef if you ask me.

Meet the newest member to our family Pierre! The boys and I had to run over to Costco across town....urgh... and so afterwards we decided...I stop in a store called Garden Ridge. I had not been in one in over 7 years and they were starting to close up shop but I guess business picked back up because they took over the old The Great Indoors. We spent over an hour just looking around. I found a patio umbrella and some new cushions for the patio once we have the $$ and I finish revamping our existing set. On the way to the register to purchase some fabric...yes they even have fabric scraps....I stopped dead in my tracks. There was Pierre! I picked him up and he had a price tag of $40 which I thought at first was rather expensive because if HobLob had a Pierre he would be 40% off sometime this month since he is poly resin. I quickly got over the fact that I was NOT at HobLob and that all things considered $40 was pretty inexpensive for Pierre. Pierre hopped right in our cart along with my 6 yards of decorators weight fab for less than $20. I would show ya a pic but I accidently deleted it a minute ago and well to add it back in I would have to redo all the pics. Not gonna happen.

Oldest is already putting Pierre to good use. He reminded me that Thursday was Pizza day at school and for me not to pack his lunch!:) Pierre has yet to find a permanent home in the kitchen but I think he will fit right in where ever he ends up!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No Guts No Glory

So I did it! I finally did it! I have been wanting to do it for awhile now. I have been intimidated by doing it so I never did it. I have had the supplies to do it for over a month now. Today I just did it! It was too cold to go for a walk so Littliest played in Legoland on the computer and I just jumped in and went for it.

If you stopped by last week I posted a pic of my inspiration mantel. Yep, it is that one up there. Very very pretty.

This is the before pic of our mantel. Very traditional and very white. I like white. Just wanted something different. I am into French Country/ Old World these days.

This is the mantel not quite two hours later. I used SW Chateau Brown and SW glaze. I mixed them together and added a little water. I then just painted and painted and then wiped and wiped and then painted some more. At first I freaked because I thought I was putting it on too thick so I wiped it almost clean. As I went along I decided that thicker was better and so I went back over the part I wiped down previously. I used a damp cloth to wipe it down after about ten minutes. I did this in sections so that the paint/glaze would not dry so much that I would not be able to wipe it off. If I wiped too much off I just lightly went back over it with the brush.

Here is the mantel in all her glory. For $25 we now have a new look and plenty of paint/glaze left over for future projects. Is it like my inspiration pic? No not really except that I used the same colors but that is okay. Inspiration pics are just that inspirations! Oh don't worry, I painted the top first so it would dry first because I am impatient and wanted things back in order ASAP. Let me say that huge mirror was actually a lot easier to get down and put back up then it was to get it up there the first time! I thought I was going to need The Hubster but I didn't which was good cause I did not want to wait on him. If I had waited then I probably would have chickened out again.
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P.s. Truth be told not sure about it but don't tell The Hubster! It is just paint and can quickly become classic white again! I am making myself live with it for a month and then we shall see what happens.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hey ya'll! Gotta sec?? If so do you mind helping us name our new Elementary school?? Click HERE. The tab is on the right hand side and says Help Name Elementary 26. Click on Spring Forest for us if ya will!:) Oldest and Littliest will be attending the new school.

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