Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thrifty Treasure Thursday

I love to decorate but with a tight budget it is sometimes a challenge. I must say though I love the challenge! It takes a bit longer to find what I need but in the end I feel victorious....if that's a word!Ha! So with that being said I have decided to try a weekly posting called Thrifty Treasure Thursday. If I can figure out Mr Linky then I will add him. I thought we all could make a post about what we found this past week that was a steal of a deal or just something you found that you treasure. I think it is always fun to see what every body's treasures are don't you? So come on in and I will share my treasures for this past week!
I have been trying to figure out paint color and fab for the dining room. What was throwing me of was the rug that I had already picked out. I am thinking it maybe easier to pick a rug after everything else has been decided rather than before!? I do love my rug though! I think it was a good choice. I had ordered some toile and gingham fab to make some curtain panels. I got such a steal on the fab over at Fabric.Com. Two 109' panels were going to cost me $53 with free shipping! I was excited. Well that was short lived once Littliest and I visited Tuesday Morning. I had a $5 off coupon and thought that maybe there would be something. I have never had much luck there. Well low and behold look what I found!
For $30 after coupon I got a set of La Petite Ferme Waverly panels that were 98' length! They are normally over $100 if you can even find them. I almost put them back because I already ordered the fab but my gut said no take um home. I am glad I did! Keep in mind that they are only tacked to the wall right now. Then there is still that paint issue. I also will be taking the hem out of them so they make a small puddle on the floor.

Here is an up close of the subtle print. I think it is perfect for my french country theme I am trying to create in our home. They were truly ment to be mine because said send um back he fab at no extra charge!

Now on t o more treasures! I sold our old coffee table for $50 on Sunday. Glad I did because I would not have had the money for all of these treasures! I found a gal on the local yard sale site who was redoing her bedroom and she had some fantastic items! I was only going for a few but ended up bringing home a pair of lamps with shades, a full length mirror, small topiary, large topiary and an antique rooster lamp! All together I spent only $6o on it all!

Here is a closer pic of the rooster lamp. The Hubster hates it but I am in love. So fr though I can not find a home for him since he is so large. I also need to find a shade. I actually took one off of those lamps and have it on him but not sure it goes. That and I think I may need both of those lamps for our master redo.

So there ya have it! Come on and share along! If you make a post of your own please leave the link in the comments so we can all stop by and ohh and ahh!;) Now off to get Littliest to school! Have a great day!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dumpsta Diving

We have new neighbors down the way. They moved in right around the holidays. Last week on the way home from dropping Oldest off at school we drove by their house. Its on our street. As we drove by I noticed their trash waiting to be picked up. We continued to drive by. Then we drove by our house and back around to their house. We stopped. Littliest wondered what in the world we were doing. I said no worries and jumped out of the car. I then began to stuff treasure from our new neighbors trash into the minivan and over Littliest. Again he wondered what on earth we were doing.
This is what we got! Well it had something else in it of course.
This huge "faux"....faux makes fake sound so much classier....palm. When I saw it I immediately knew it would be perfect for the back porch. Something I would not have to water or feel guilty if I killed it. I transferred it out of its ho hum basket to this decorative planter that actually did hold a live palm on our front porch at the last house.

Then I wondered what to do with the basket. This is what the fire pit looked like.

This is what it looks like now! A perfect use for just a ho hum basket!

So not a real dumpster dive but my first time ever rummaging thru somebody's trash. Littliest kept telling me I was stealing it. I kept explaining that they were throwing it away. He then said that it was for the trash men and not me. Its hard trying to explain treasure hunting to a 4 yr old. What is one mans trash is another mans treasure! Anybody wanna come on over for some sweet tea!?;)

This is my next project to tackle since the weather is getting nicer. As you can see I have already started on it. Stay tuned for the finish!

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