Friday, June 26, 2009

What A Day

So Friday is coming to a close. Today has been a whirlwind day to say the least. Lots going on and only so much time to get it all done in. I was able to get to the bank since we received our closing numbers. That was the biggie. Had to take Oldest and Littliest to Sonic for a late lunch since all morning I was trying to get the numbers for closing as well as make the house sparkle before we could even step foot out the door.  Can I tell you how much I can NOT wait to be able to leave my house with dirty dishes in the sink and maybe a few dirty socks on the floor every now and then!? Just  one more more week. 
After Sonic we headed to the PO to ship an order and then  we headed to the Super HobLob! Yes I am a crazy lady! I know though that I am not the only gal who visits HobLob twice in two days! I have been known to go twice in one day but usually only during he holidays. Anyways, we headed down there at 3:30 knowing good and well that we would not leave the HobLob till going home traffic time but I was on a mission and had some money to spend! I charged hubby $100 for this weeks stress since he has been gone all week. Actually more but I have not given him the actual total just yet!HA!
Believe it or not I actually found more at our avg sized HobLob yesterday than the super HobLob.  
I spent like $24 yesterday on these pretties. The pillow was originally $48!! Who would spend $48 on a pillow?? Okay maybe just maybe if it was really cool and I just had to have it but it would be a really BIG stretch. I think the most I have ever spent on a pillow is $25. Anyways, I bought the pillow in the 80% off section for just $9! Then I have been wanting the initial picture fro some time now and since it was 50% off this week she was a keeper. I am going to change the ribbon out to maybe a leopard print or burlap type ribbon once I figure out where it will go in the new house. In the garden section everything was  like 66% off and I got the adorable fairy kissing a bird for less than $3 and the other bird thingy for less than $3 as well. I had been keeping my eye on it for awhile now. Last weekend they were all out. Then I got for less than $2  the iron door knocker. I think I may put it on the door to the half bath.
This is one of the goodies I found at the super HobLob. Have no idea what these things are called but it was a steal at just $5 originally $27! I may end up painting it black and distressing it. Not sure yet.

Next there was this sweet tin. It was $6 and a little more than I wanted to pay for it but it was tooo cute so it had to come home too!
Remember this lovely from yesterday!? I had my trusty 40% off coupon with me for this pretty. Absolutely love her. 

This is how she looks lite up. Not so great. A bit on the Halloweeny side if hat is a word. So if you have seen these at HobLob  and have been contemplating one for yourself know it glows orange and not white like a normal candle. Still a keeper though. 

Then there was this iron Welcome Pineapple sign. Love it for the new front porch! I also  looked at the fab for the dining room again and am now second guessing myself. I always do that. 

So there ya have my HobLob finds for the week.  Maybe if I can figure out Mr Linky in a minute I will make a link for you all to share your HobLob finds!:)

Are you serious???!!!

Good morning all! I just have to say I can NOT wait for fall! I just went to check the weather out to see if we would be getting any more showers. We actually had our first in about a month on Tuesday. I punch in our area and what does the Weather Channel tell me it is here!!!??? Keep in mind it is only 9:40 am here. The temp reads 89 with heat index....are ya ready for this one???...of 100!!!!!!! I mean seriously. 

Okay that is my rant for the day. We have several things to accomplish. I need to make a bib and ship it and then we need to get the oil changed on the minivan and then get the check for closing on Monday. Have no idea abt the latter since we have yet to hear from the Title Company! Oh the joys of moving.
Ya all have a wonderful day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Master Bedroom

Show Us Where You Live is upon us once again over at Kellys Korner. I missed last week due to the craziness around here so I am excited to be able to join in on the fun this week. Master Bedrooms are the theme for this week so join me on a tour of our love nest! HA!

We purchased our furniture from a place called The Dump. Yes that is right, The Dump! It is a store where they get new shipments in every week and move things in and out all the time so it is pretty much a hit or miss kinda store. We hit the big time when we found this set! It took 6 years but well worth the wait! We only ever had hand me down comforter sets so our first Christmas here in this home I talked hubby into letting me spend $300 on a bedroom redo. I bought the comforter at my other home away from home Target for only $55!!! The iron work pieces are from PB and were on clearance for like $20 a piece I think.

Here is a peek into our reality here. My dining room table that I got a steal on a few months back awaits her new home. The bedding piled high is the boys who are camping out with me while hubby is way. The lamps I purchased at Kirklands for I think $15 a piece and the curtains are from Target.

Another peek at my stash for the new home. It is starting to take over but I now am in the I don't care phase of the game. Again another visit to Target yields a new comforter for Littliest to match Oldest's dinosaur bedding. 

This is a peek at the door to the patio with a mistreatment that just never happened. I hated to mess up a perfectly good panel when I knew we would not have a door to the outside more than likely in the new house and we don't but we do have two extra windows so now I only need one more panel instead of two. Thankfully Target still carries this print.
The view into our master bath and out lovely treadmill. What master would be complete without an unused dust collector such as this! HA! You see the box piled on it that is waiting for the tv. The picture frames are from WM. Yes they have been on the wall for a year and half with no real pics ion the one. Again its abt being real. I just can not find the perfect ones of Littliest for his frame.

The view from the master into the master bath. I love this window. I thought it was a little over the top when we first moved in but now I want to take it with us! Another Target panel that I did mistreat. It will be staying with the home. 

So there ya have it! Well most of it. I did not share with you all what is hiding under the bed. I think there is a black pedestal Better Homes & Garden table, two wrought iron towel holder thingys from HobLob and four wrought iron Hob Lob scrolly hook thingys I am wanting to use for curtain rods at the new house. Like I said it is all getting ready to take over! HA!
Have fun touring the rooms ya all and come back soon! Tomorrow I will be sharing what great finds I purchased at Hob Lob today! Also be sure to vote on Music or no music over on the sidebar! 

3 Days & Counting

We have just 3 days left till we close on our new home in Tx...well not including today since it is almost over. As many of you know it is a very stressful time when you are trying to sell and trying to close on a new home. Thankfully everything has fallen into place and I can finally look forward to moving to our new home! So even though we close on Monday we still have another week and half till the moving truck roll up in the front yard.  That is the earliest they could fit us in.

So till we are finally moved out of our current home my daily ritual of cleaning the floors at least twice a day continues. My vacuum will enjoy being at the new house when I can finally get back to vacuuming just once a week...well okay if we are being honest every two weeks unless we have somebody coming over! HA! Oh and those rugs are for the foyer and patio door in the living room. I find it a lot easier to vacuum them on the carpet then on the wood floors because the vacuum tends to try and eat them on the wood flooring.
 I now have some extra time on my hands not having to worry abt closing or really having to sell our current home...we are relo and the relo company will buy it from us and thankfully the guaranteed offer came in more than what we paid two years ago! Yahoo! I day dream of what to do first in our new home. This is one of the first rooms I want to do.  It is our dining room and we have never had an actual grown up dining room before! I am too excited! This is the view from the foyer.

This is our dining room from the kitchen hallway. I love this room so much. I also love the overall shape of the chandy but I feel she must come down and be painted to an antique bronze. I am even going to see if I can cut off the swirly design on the globes and possibly do without the globes altogether and just use shades. I do not quite remember how they are made though so we may just end up with an entirely new chandy. Who knows. My major challenge are the windows. I am thinking we will pass on putting up any kind of shades. We would  never walk in there naked ....HA!..and you can not see the windows from the kitchen so no  seeing us in our pjs either. I was first thinking four skinny panels mistreated but that may over power the windows. Then I am possible thinking two full size panels on either end of the windows with possible a scrolly iron work piece in the middle??? I just do not know. I also was going back and fourth on color. At first I wanted a yellow dining room. We have a black table. Then I decided that we are going to paint the common areas of the house in  either SW Blonde or Pratt & Lambert Peanut Shell  and so a yellow dining room would not work. Then I figured maybe doing Laura Ashley Olive 4 on top and white on the bottom. We had LA Olive 3 in the last house but I want a more dramatic look. Well that all changed today!

This afternoon the boys and I dropped off some orders at the PO and then headed to HobLob, my home away from home. Ha! Actually oldest asked why I was going again because I  had just been there four days earlier! My response was because things are on sale! While wondering down the fab isle looky what I saw! I feel in love with this fab instantly and I am now on a quest. Our dining room walls are already that exact shade of khaki so I would only have to paint the bottom half white and add the square molding I want.  

We then wondered some more and I found this faux silk fab that is black and has khaki colored Fleur de leis on it. Love love love it! Then I saw these adorable leopard shades hence the reason why I want to cut the swirly design off the chandy and get rid of the globes if at all possible.

My heart skipped a beat yet again when we turned down the lamp isle!! Look at this adorable ruffled polka dot lamp!! I know I just have to have at least one..maybe two.

Then I saw this faux candle with our initial on it and Fleur de leis design. Too too cute! Gotta have it when they go on sale which we all know could happen even next week! Ya gotta love the HobLob for their awesome sales!

So there ya have it! Please let me know your thoughts on the whole curtain thing. I am truly lost. I am all for mistreating in there so I am on the hunt for some design I can easily do that with. Now on to the Master Bedroom for Show Us where you Live Friday over at Kelly's Korner! I need to take a few more pics. Chat with ya all more later and thanx for stopping by! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Music or No Music

That is the million dollar question! Well not really a million dollars but one I am contemplating. I have music on my other blog and was thinking of adding music to this one as well. What are your thoughts on blogs with music? Do you prefer them over ones with no music or do you find them annoying? Go and vote today. I set up a poll on the side bar and it will be up for one week. 
My buckaroos are now running wild thru the campground so I need to round um up for some pjs and maybe an early bedtime. Hubby is out of town all this week! Can somebody help me find my sanity please!?HA!

No Time

Well it has been awhile since my last post and I apologize! Things have just been crazy around here. In between having the house perfect everyday and just everyday life I just have not had the time to post.  Honestly nothing truly note worthy happening anyways. We are less than a week away from closing on our new home in Tx. Very exciting but very stressful too. We have at least one showing every other day. Sometimes two in a day. This of course is wonderful but at the same time disruptive. We are hoping to get an offer sometime this week from a couple who have been by twice so far. Both time for over 30 minutes. This last time they took things off of walls so we are hoping that if they are looking that closely they are very serious abt the house. 
So there you have my life in a nutshell. Like I said nothing exciting really. Hating the 100+ weather. Now we just sit and continue to count down till closing...Monday...and then till the packers come. 
Hope ya all are doing well and I promise to come up with a better post for next time around. I need to see what is on tap for Show Us Where You Live Friday. I missed this past weeks.
Have a good one and chat soon I promise! 
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